It is possible to reset your game on purpose, but please note that any items or currency you have accumulated in the game will also be deleted, and there is no way to retrieve them once you have done so..

If you wish to reset your game, you need to make sure that the old data is not downloaded from Google+.  Here's how:

First uninstall the game by going to your device's Settings screen, and under Apps, tapping Clear Data, and then Uninstall.

Go to Google Play to install the game.  When the game is installing, it will prompt you with a question about retrieving your data from Google Cloud.  Press CANCEL.

What we want to do is prevent connection to Google+,  (Google is withdrawing support for Google cloud service anyway do this game is not saving to the cloud anymore, unfortunately.)

 Android 4.4 and up has a gray icon with a letter "g" called  "Google Settings." (not the device settings) that now allows individual apps to be disconnected.  In this is "connected apps" - find this game title and select "Disconnect" at the bottom of the screen.