Your Glu credits can show a small negative balance if certain situations, explained below, are met.  A very large negative balance will require an investigation by our team, so you should click on "Contact Us" if that is the case.
Here are 2 of the most common situations:
1-If a game is started on a Wi-Fi connection and then the connection became unreliable or the device keeps moving from a Wi-Fi zone to no Wi-Fi, the servers may not receive all your actions. When the connection is established again it will get updated all at once, which can lead your balance into negative territory.
2-If you play on multiple devices and you access your shared Glu Credits at the same time then this can cause a negative balance. It is not recommended to play on multiple devices.
Note: The Glu credits for this game may be shared between games rather than belonging to any one game, so anywhere you choose to spend them will show a reduction across all those games. This is true mainly for older Android titles that shared balances.
Important: GGN only saves currency to be shared within GGN-enabled games. It does not save game progress online like levels or items. To prevent progress loss: Please DO NOT uninstall Glu games.