If you have played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on Facebook, then you can transfer your game to an iOS or Android device until January 7, 2021.

To achieve a smooth transfer between platforms, please follow these steps:

Install Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from the App Store or Google Play on a mobile device.

Tap on “I’ve Played Before” on the start screen
• On the “Restore Saved Game” screen, select Facebook and then follow the steps
• If there is a game associated with your Facebook account, then a pop-up window will appear that asks you to restore your saved game
• If the app can’t find your game, please save the Hollywood ID from your Facebook game (Options > Help) and contact Glu Support

Please play on one device only and do not delete your game from Facebook until you're happy with its performance on your device!

If you need help transferring your game from Facebook to iOS or Android, please save your Hollywood ID (Options > Help) and contact Glu Support for assistance.

Can I keep playing with Facebook friends and back up my game via Facebook?
The Facebook version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on desktop will no longer be available on January 7, 2021. However, if you play on iOS, Android or Amazon, your game will not be affected. You can keep your game connected to Facebook and continue playing with Facebook friends. Stay tuned for more news and exciting updates coming every month.