Before we say anything else, please DO NOT UNINSTALL to try to resolve the issue. You could delete your progress and not be able to recover it.
Try the suggestions below first.
1) Check your storage. We recommend having at least 2Gb of free space on your device.
If your device has become so full of apps and data there is very little extra room left, your Glu game may not operate properly. Try off-loading some content, such as songs , videos, photos etc, by saving them to your PC or in the cloud.
If your device lets you move apps to an SD card memory, you'll definitely want to do that. Note: when you update apps on an Android device, they may install to your main storage. If so, move them to the SD card again where possible.
2) Before launching this game, close all other running apps.
In your device Settings/Applications Manager/Running/Close running apps, or using a Task Killer. If you really want to be on the safe side, power down the device and restart it, to ensure no program stubs remain in memory.
3) Always use a reliable Wi-Fi connection rather than a network connection (3G, 4G) because mobile connections can vary wildly.
Having high "bars" indicates good signal strength, but may not reflect actual data throughput.(bandwidth. ) Your bandwidth may be limited if the network is congested. For example, if there are many users sharing the network or someone is using lots of bandwidth with big downloads like streaming video, or pc/console gaming, your share of the bandwidth could be insufficient.
There are free bandwidth tests to check your total throughput. You needn’t install any software, these can run right through your device’s browser. Just search for “bandwidth test.” You should have at least 10Mb download and 3Mb upload for the game to run properly.
If you have tried all these things and they do not help, you may contact Customer Experience. Please have ready the amount of free space on your device, and the results of your bandwidth test.