Kim Kardashian: Hollywood can be transferred between 2 devices on the same platform, such as an old Android phone to a new Android phone.

To achieve a smooth transfer between devices, please follow these steps:

On your old device
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and open the game.
  2. If your game is saved through Google Play, log into Google Play on your old device and open Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
On your new device
  1. Install Kim Kardashian: Hollywood from Google Play.
  2. If your game is saved via Google Play, make sure you are logged into the same Google Play account when you open the game. The game will automatically check to see if there is a saved game associated with your account.
  • If the system finds a game associated with your account, then a pop-up window will appear that asks you to restore your saved game
  • If the system does not find a game associated with your account, then you will need to verify that your old device and new device are connected to the same Google Play account.
Please play on one device only and do not delete the game from your old device until you're happy with its performance on your new device!