Note: this information refers to special offers, not the small amounts of currency that may be earned from watching video ads.

Special offers for this title and others are presented by a third-party company called Tapjoy; Glu does not have any tracking information about the status of Tapjoy rewards.

To check with Tapjoy on pending rewards, open the game's currency purchase screen, and tap on Offers to bring up Tapjoy's offerwall.
  • Once on the offerwall, click the 3 horizontal lines (menu) at the top left.
  • Tap on the link titled "Reward Status"
  • Tap on the "Not Rewarded" tab
  • Choose the offer that you completed (May take up to 24 hours for "Submit" button to show)
  • Tap "Request Support" and fill in your email address, a quick description and accept the "Terms of Service"
  • Tap on the "Submit" button
Once you submit a support ticket to Tapjoy, you will receive a confirmation and a request for your proof of completion. Please respond to the ticket with the requested proof according to the information needed for that offer as listed below: 

Product/Service Purchase or Registration 
If you purchased a product or service please provide the confirmation email, billing invoice, or welcome email you received when you completed the offer. 

App Download/Engagement
  • Once Tapjoy has this information and have verified your eligibility with the advertiser, they will make sure to award your device as quickly as possible. If you download an app please ensure you've run the app for at least 2 minutes and send them a screenshot of the app running on your device. If the offer requires you reach a certain level, be sure to complete that requirement before making your claim.
  • Once Tapjoy has this information and has verified eligibility with the Advertiser. Tapjoy usually hears back within 5 business days so please hang in there!

Tapjoy has brought it to our attention that a small number of users may be resetting their IDFA. resetting your device or IDFA may result in delays up to inability to payout for special offers.