If you are having trouble seeing your friends in the game, be sure you are both using the same type of device (Apple or Android). This game is not cross-platform when it comes to connecting to your friends, m eaning Apple and Android players cannot play in each others' games.


The friends screen (smartphone icon) will show what social media you are connected to, to the left of the "invite friends" button.

On Android devices, you may connect to either or both Facebook and Google+.

On Apple, you may connect to either or both Facebook and Game Center.

If you are not seeing that you are logged into Facebook and you wish to be, go into the game's Settings screen (located on the main screen in the upper left) and connect to Facebook there.

Connecting to either Google+ (Android) or Game Center (Apple) is done outside the game.


If the friend you are looking for is not in the list or people to invite, try using the "Search More Friends" button to search for your specific friend.

Please also make sure that you are both logged into the same social networking site (Game Center, Google+, or Facebook), and that you are both using a reliable WiFi connection. You will not be able to see each other in game if either of you does not have a strong enough signal.

Make sure you and your friends have your permissions set in Facebook, by going to Facebook's Settings and clicking on "Apps" and finding Kim Kardashian: Hollywood The setting should be for "Friends" or "Public," not "Only Me." Note that the game will never post to your page without your permission. You may need to close and re-open the game for changes to take effect.