At So Chic London, Mia will give you three quests to complete:

  • a one-hour project
  • a three-hour project
  • an eight-hour project.

After you finish the first project, you must return to Mia to get the second one. Repeat this for the third project, and you will have hopefully finished all three projects within the So Chic time frame.You'll have a week to complete all three.

Project timers run in real time—this means that once you start the project, the timer will count down even when you close the app!  

So be sure to finish the job before you put the game away! 

If you complete all these gigs with a five-star rating, you'll receive $1000 in in-game cash, plus three k-gems.

If you complete the gigs with less than a five-star rating, you will receive $500 in in-game cash.

Once the quest is completed, there is a three-day "cool down" period before you can do it again, but you may repeat the quest as many times as you wish.