If you are receiving insults about your appearance from contacts, dates, co-stars or other Non-Player Characters (NPCs) or are not receiving a bonus heart (on dates) or bonus star (on jobs) this maybe an indication that your style points are too low.

To correct this, simply purchase more items from your wardrobe that will boost your style meter. These are the items listed for sale that depict a gold heart (Romance) or star (Professional) icon.

You can also purchase household items and decor to boost your style points. When you click on a decor icon in your home, you will see a tiny heart or star icon to the left of the bubble. These items will count towards your style meter along with hair styles, accessories and shoes.

Depending on your level, there are a certain amount of style points needed to achieve bonus heart and star rewards. The higher these numbers are, the more compliments you will receive from NPC’s as well as your date/spouse. If these numbers are low, you will be ridiculed by the NPC’s, dates/spouse as well as receive poor feedback from Star news reports regarding your fashion sense.