Dating scores are determined by the number of hearts you earn on a date. Three or more hearts earned will receive good reviews. The number of points earned or lost is determined by several factors.  These can include: 

  • Your level
  • Your position on the A-List
  • Your position on the Top 100 list
  • Whether you are dating or married
  • The number of hearts earned
  • The fame level of your partner/spouse
  • The location of the date
  • The length of the date

 The higher your relationship level, the longer your dates will be. Higher-end / fancier venues will increase the dating score.

If you and your partner do not seem to be progressing up the chart, you may not be receiving enough points. Keep in mind that other couples are steadily progressing as well, so even if you are getting +1 or +2 points per date, someone else could still top you if they received more points, thus leaving you in same position. 

It takes a lot of work to maintain a relationship just as in real life!  You will need to date frequently and visit many different venues to keep the dates fresh.