Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's progress will be backed up once per day after you've connected it to your Facebook account.

If you haven't already done so, we strongly urge you to connect your account to Facebook right away!

If you're not connected, you run the risk of losing your progress. Without that connection, the game would only be saved on your device, with no backup. That means that your unconnected game will not be recoverable, should you have to reset your device, or for some reason you have deleted your game.

We generally don't recommend re-installing to try troubleshooting; try the general troubleshooting tips first, and if that does not work, contact us before trying anything drastic!

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

iCloud (for Apple) and Google Play Services (Android) can keep a copy to provide some protection against losing progress. iCloud and Google Play will back up your game as you play.

To save your progress, log in to Google Play (on Android devices) or iCloud, (on Apple devices) play the game for some time to ensure your progress is saved to that service. It may take quite a while for the servers to connect and collect your device's data, so you may need to leave the game running for quite some time (an hour or more in some cases) to ensure this occurs. If you want to resume playing later after a fresh install, log into that service again in order to load your old progress.