Now you can own clothing items from the opposite gender! Although you can not wear them, you can dress your contacts with that clothing and use it for Show Your Style: Duets.

When you buy an item for the opposite gender, it’s yours and you’re free to use it for any NPC contact. That means you can dress up multiple contacts in the same clothing. Own a shirt you want to have multiple NPCs wear? No problem! They can all put it on! Your current spouse could wear your ex’s clothes!

There are a few ways to collect clothing for the opposite gender: 1) shop for your contacts in the closet 2) win items from gift boxes 3) shop looks in the Show Your Style voting booth and tap on “swap” 4) shop lookbooks from your squad. Players with male dolls can also earn the female clothing during SYS events.

Clothing for the opposite gender will not give you professional or romantic points and it will not help with achievements.