If you're not sure if you have connected your 2023 team to your old 2022 team, please see the FAQ entitled "How do I link my new 2023 team to my old 2022 team?"

Keepers don't show up right away; you'll need to win enough games to reach Bronze level 2 before they become available.
To get to the Keepers option, go to your Games screen (bottom menu) and scroll to the right under "Your Turn."
Note: this may be several sections over to the right from the current events going on.
This takes you to the Keepers screen. You can keep one pitcher and two regular players.  (VIPs may select one more keeper.) The keepers will start at Bronze level one just as if you had drafted them.
IMPORTANT: The keepers are added to your INACTIVES roster. It is highly recommended you lock these players to avoid trading them, If you wish to add them to your active roster right away you may, but be advised if locked, you may miss out on better players (at least initially) who might have ordinarily replaced them.
Choose wisely, because at the bottom of the screen when you tap "Select" those choices will be locked in place. There will be no do-overs!