Curious about what Season-Neutral means for your Covet Collection Pass garments? Simple!

All of the Covet Collection and Covet Collab garments, from your personal closet, will be available to use during any Style Challenge without incurring a single Seasonal Bonus penalty - even if the items are from other Seasons. 

IMPORTANT: CC pass will only allow players to use out-of-season Covet Collection and Covet Collab branded garments. Out-of-season items, from any one of our partner brands, will not be eligible for Seasonal Bonus immunity with the CC Pass subscription.

Stay alert! If Coveters use only Covet Collection and Covet Collab branded garments for a look, they must include at least 1 in-season garment to maximize the Seasonal Bonus. Using out-of-season Covet Collection  or Covet Collab garments will not negatively impact the Seasonal Bonus, but it will not increase the Bonus either.