Want a fresh start in Covet Fashion? iOS users who have updated to iOS 22.8+, can delete unwanted Covet Fashion accounts from the convenience of their Covet app. 

IMPORTANT: Deleting a Covet Fashion account is PERMANENT and IRREVERSIBLE. ALL deleted accounts will be discarded from the Covet system - including; the account, progress, and all purchased assets from the game. Assets can NOT be transferred to a new account. Accounts can NOT be recovered by our team.

Proceed with Caution (Deletion is PERMANENT and IRREVERSIBLE):

1. Tap on  the user icon.

2. Access the  gear icon via the PROFILE tab.

3. In the ACCOUNT window, scroll to Delete Account.

4. Type "DELETE" in the ACCOUNT DELETION window to confirm.


If for some reason you are unable to use the button and prefer to contact us you may do so in the following manner.

Tap the Account icon at the bottom of the main screen:

Tap the small Question Mark icon at the top left of your screen:

Then tap the conversation bubble to start a ticket:

If you are unable to contact us by the means above because you no longer have access to the app and are unable to re-download it, we have an alternate way to accomplish this: click the CONTACT US button on at our website at https://glumobile.helpshift.com/hc/en/118-covet-fashion/contact-us/

NOTE: You will be required to verify ownership of the account before we are able to process any deletion requests. This will require screenshots of purchases made on the account, or your confidential PIN from within the game. If you are not able to verify ownership we will not be able to process the request from out-of-game submissions.