Runway Rallies are a fun way for you and your Fashion House to work together to earn exclusive prizes! These prizes will change every month, so make sure to participate in the Rallies to earn new rewards monthly!

The more Fashion House members there are that join the Rally and enter challenges, the easier it is to win prizes.

How does it work?
Meet your specified number of House Challenge Goals to receive Rally pieces for your Rally board. Receive all of the pieces for a bag on the board to unlock a Small, Medium, or Large prize.

How do I start a rally?
The Head of House or House Officer must set the dificulty and start the Rally once 10 or more members have toggled on. Runway Rallies are available in three difficulties: Classic, Fancy, and Fierce. New difficulties will be unlocked once the House successfully wins a Rally on the previous difficulty.

If you want to participate in the Rally, make sure that you have toggled on your 'Rally Participation' toggle!

How long does a Rally last?
Once the Head of House or House Officer has started the Rally, each Rally will last for about three days. Once started, you’ll see an inbox message in your game, as well as a notification on your phone if you have notifications enabled.
Your Fashion House can participate in multiple Rallies throughout the month to try and fill in your Rally Board and will all of the current month's prizes.

What do I do?
When it comes to the gameplay, all you need to do is enter Runway Rally challenges. Look for the yellow Runway Rally challenge label under specific challenge names to enter these Rally challenges and earn Style Stars.

The number of Stars your house earns in total will go towards meeting the Challenge Goal and towards earning bonus Rally pieces. Win the required number of Rally challenges to win a large amount of pieces! The number of pieces will depend on the difficulty selected for the Rally.

What will I win?
Prizes range from Diamonds to exclusive garments and even Hair Accessories! Prizes will change every month, so tap on the Rally Board to see what prizes are currently available. Each bag can be opened multiple times to unveil different prizes, but each prize can only be won once in a given month.

Important note!
If you just need a break from the rallies, don’t worry—you can always toggle off your Rally participation and join again when a new Rally starts!

Simply tap on the 'Runway Rally' tab and scroll to the bottom of the page to look for the 'Rally Participation' toggle. Tap on it to toggle off of the next Rally. Please note that players cannot toggle on or off for the current Rally, and any change to the 'Rally Participation toggle will take effect in the next Rally after.