Vote on Coveter's Styles and earn tickets. You might even pick up a style inspiration or two!

To vote, Tap the 'Dress' Icon at the bottom of your screen and then tap the Voting tab.

Make sure to take a look at the challenge image and prompt to get a feel for the theme of the outfits, and then tap the blue 'Vote' button to vote on the Challenge displayed.

To vote, tap on the look you prefer. Can't decide which look to vote for? You can tap the skip button at the lower right of the screen or the '=' (equal symbol) button. This will not affect either look's score.

You will earn 2 tickets for each themed Challenge you vote for. Each round of voting will have you vote for 5 pairs of looks.

Want to earn more tickets? Purchase a Ticket Boost in the Premium store to get 2-3 times as many tickets per every round of votes.

Now you can let others know how you feel about their outfits and gauge the competition!