Classic models were the original models in Covet Fashion. With Classic models, you can change the skin tone of your model when styling challenges by tapping on the 'Lipstick' icon and tapping the 'Skin' tab. Classic models will also have all of the makeup available to use for all skin tones, along with special SFX makeup that may not be available for Modern models. Classic models will always have the same height and body type which cannot be changed.

With Modern models, the challenges have a predetermined model base whose body type and skin tone cannot be changed. Although these features cannot be changed, Modern models depict a wider range of different body types and heights for the models. With Modern, you can only choose from certain makeup styles, as each skin tone has makeup specific to it. All Coveters who enter a challenge have to use the same model with the same skin tone, height and body type.

Last but not least, if you're using Modern models, you can only compete against other Modern models once the challenges go into voting. Classic models can only compete against other Classic models as well. So, if you're dressing up a curvaceous Modern model with Medium skin tone for the challenge, you'll only be competing against other players who have the same model, which gives more diversity for the types of models being entered into challenges and winning Top Look.

In the ""Create Look"" mode, players can freely choose a skin tone and body type for their model, but this model will not be entered into styling challenges.