When styling a look, there will be 4 different icons on the top of the screen.

Clothes Hanger: Here you can select all of the garments and accessories for your look! Start by tapping one of the Types of item you wish to use (example: Tap the 'Dresses' icon to choose a dress) and select an item to place on your model. You can see items you already own under your 'Owned' section, or scroll down to the 'Shop' section to purchase a new item. To borrow an item, tap on the ""Borrow"" tab and select a garment to borrow.

To remove an item, tap the 'Undo' button on the bottom left corner of the styling screen. You can also tap on a selected garment on the 'Owned' 'Shop' or 'Borrow' tab to remove the item from your model. To get a full view of all of the garments your Model is wearing, tap on your Model to bring up the 'Wearing' screen. Here you can remove multiple garments at once by tapping on the items to unselect.

Blow Dryer: Here you can select hairstyles and Hair Accessories to use for your look.

Lipstick: Choose your makeup! For players using Classic models, you will also be able to change your skin tone under the 'Skin' tab. Players using Modern models will not be able to change the skin tone of their model.

Magic Wand: Spice up your look by adding Props to your outfit!