Daily Allowance: Open your inbox message to receive 100 diamonds and 20 tickets every 24 hours.

Vote:  Earn additional tickets by voting on looks entered into Style Challenges. Purchase a Ticket Boost from the Premium Store to earn even more tickets per every round of voting.

Rewards on Entry: Earn additional cash by entering Style Challenges, including $500 for entering the daily challenge.

Challenge Prizes: Earn 25 diamonds by receiving a score of 4.5 or higher in a Style Challenge.

Jet Set: Earn 500 diamonds by unlocking a new Jet Set Destination.

Best Look in Level: Win Best Look in Level and earn 500 diamonds.

Top Look: Receive 5000 diamonds for a perfect score of 5.80.

Level Up: Earn Diamonds every time you level up, starting from level 15 and onward.

Offers & VIdeos: Participate in offers found on the offer wall or watch videos to earn diamonds. Offers and videos are found in the Premium Store.

In-App Purchases: Purchase additional Diamonds in the Premium Store.

Convert: Convert Diamonds to Cash or Tickets in the Premium Store.