Visit your profile by tapping the single-person icon at the bottom of your game and then tapping the Profile tab.
Once in the Profile tab, tap the gear icon located at the upper right of your profile.
To change your linked email:
1. Tap on Email (The email that appears will be your current linked email address.)
2. Tap on Edit to change email.
 CF Email Change
3. Once you fill in a new email address click 'Submit', a verification email will be sent to your new address
4. Check your email inbox (be sure to check spam/junk/promotions folders as well) for a confirmation which will ask you to validate your email
5. Once you click 'Validate Email', please force close your Covet Fashion app, or log out of your game and log back in again with your new account info.
Once you open the Covet app again, your new email address will be linked with your Covet Fashion game.

NOTE: Until you verify your new email address, you will still be linked to your current email and your verification will be displayed as 'pending'.
If needed, you can resend the verification link to yourself by visiting Account Info and clicking the 'Linked' email section (2nd tab from the top).