Ready to show off your style and enter a Style Challenge?!

To enter Style Challenges, tap the Dress Icon at the bottom of your screen and then tap Limited Time. 

Style Look
 Now,  select the Style Challenges you are interested in entering. To enter the challenge, tap the "Style Look" button found at the bottom of the page! 
Style Look
From here, you will be able to create your look and customize your Models makeup and hair.
Once satisfied with your Models look, tap "Finish".
After tapping "Finish" you'll see a screen showing you any entry bonuses your look will receive. Afterward,  you will see a screen showing if your look has been successfully submitted.
If your look did not meet the Challenge requirements, you'll be notified and you can then make changes as needed. If you have not maxed your Unworn Bonus you and you have items that will help boost the bonus, you will see a screen asking if you want to use an unworn item to boost your bonus, you can select an item to boost the Unworn Bonus or tap No Thanks. Once submitted you will be notified that the Style Challenge was entered and offered a chance to share your look.