Not quite sure what each icon means? We got you covered!
Visit your Closet/ Profile:
(Example Below)

Tap on the Single Person icon located at the bottom of the screen
The Hanger Icon shows your Closet value.
The Jet Icon displays your current Travel Scores The Two Person Icon displays the number of friends you have playing Covet Fashion with you.

The Star Icon displays your current style score.

The Heart Icon shows you how many likes you have received on your looks.

The Three Person Icon displays how many people are currently in your Fashion House.

You can tap the tabs below your game information to see all of the garments you own, your previously created looks, looks you have Liked, garments you have Liked and your favorite Brands.

You can also create looks for fun in your Closet by tapping the Create Looks button (in Classic) or by tapping the 3 lines at the lower right of your game and then tapping Create Looks (in Modern). Looks created in your Closet are not scored and do not affect your scores.