You may change your linked Apple account as long as the alternate Apple account is not associated with an existing Covet account.
To switch on iOS 13 and above
1. You will need to switch your Apple account on your device settings first
2. Sign in on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
3. Open the Settings app.
4. Tap Sign in to your device.
5. Enter your Apple ID and password.
Note: If prompted, enter the six-digit verification code sent to your trusted device or phone number and complete sign in.
6. Once you have signed in your new Apple account, log in to Covet Fashion. Head over to your Profile > Settings > Apple > EDIT
7. Complete the Apple log-in flow through the Apple system.

To switch on iOS 12 and older
1. Head over to your Profile > Settings > Apple > EDIT
2. When you see the Apple-hosted webpage, enter your Apple ID and password.
3. The first time you sign in, you're prompted for a verification code from your trusted Apple device or phone number. Check your device and enter the code.
4. If the app or site has not requested any information to set up your account, check that your Apple ID is correct and go to Step 6.
5. If you're asked to provide your name and email address, Sign in with Apple automatically fills in the information from your Apple ID. You can edit your name if you like and choose to Share My Email or Hide My Email.
6. Tap Continue to complete the sign-in process and you'll be directed back to Covet.