Champion points are a token introduced in 2022 that can be accumulated through playing in some events (e.g. Barrel House, etc.)  
You needn't have unlocked Champion level yet to view the number of Champion points you've earned. You may check by going to the main screen (Games) > Tier Progress, scrolling down to the bottom and tapping "More Info" on the Champion Tile.  
To unlock the champion tiers, and the associated Season mode (see below) you must
  • complete 1000 Bonus game WINS
  • reach Diamond level 6
Once unlocked, you will have access to exclusive game modes where you can compete for high-level rewards like never before!


As you earn Champion Points, tiers will unlock for you to claim.
Players who have achieved Champion tiers will unlock game modes where high-level rewards like tons of prime and legend XP can be won.

As of Champion Season 12, you can choose between two Champion Season path types: Gold and XP.

Champion Tier Gold

  • Additional all tier rewards
  • +2x Club point multiplier

Champion Tier XP

  • Normal tier rewards
  • +1x Club point multiplier
  • 50% reduced player leveling cost, applied after Field Pass and Accolades