There are three positions in a club: GM, (General Manager) Assistant GM, and Member.

Each position holds certain powers. When a club is created, the user who made the club becomes GM of that club. There can be only one GM in a club at a time, and there also must be one Assistant GM in every club. Leaders can kick any user in the club, promote any Member to Assistant GM, and demote any Assistant GM to Member.

There can be any number of Assistant GM's in a club. An Assistant GM can kick Members from the club, but cannot kick other Assistant GM's or the GM. Additionally, Assistant GM's can promote, but cannot demote anyone in the club – this is a power reserved for the GM.

Users join clubs as Members. Members hold no special powers in regards to kicking, promotion or demotion.
If the GM of a club decides to leave their club, they must appoint another user in the club to be the new GM. If there is only one user left in a club, and that user leaves the club, the club is then considered disbanded and will be gone from the list of Clubs.