If you receive a message regarding an illegal device or that "pine tar" has been detected, that is due to something on your device conflicting with the MLB Tap Sports Baseball app and causing it not to launch properly. As mentioned in the pop- up message it is usually due to other apps on your device typically related to virtual environments, cloning, or debugging tools.

Some of the most-often found to be conflicting are tools such as Parallel Space, Dual Space, Team Viewer, ApowerMirror or another such app or file hiding applications such as Calculator (not your standard calculator app). Because of the environments they create on your device and some of the measures we use to combat cheats within our game you will receive the error and not be able to launch. The best method to avoid this is to remove those conflicting applications or play our game on a device that does not have any of those types of applications.

If you are certain you are not running any applications such as those listed above and continue to get the message please contact our Customer Experience team with your account information, device information, and the game version you are playing. While we will not have an immediate solution we are tracking this information in order to find other things that may cause the same error to appear.