IMPORTANT!  If you had created multiple accounts in the 2021 version. you could accidently link your new 2022 account to the wrong 2021 account.  Open your 2021 account and go to "settings" to see how you backed your account (email, Facebook, Apple) to be sure you are connecting to the correct account!

If you've already linked the wrong account to your new 2022 account, go back and open your 2021 game as described above to see how you backed up the 2021 account, uninstall and reinstall 2022 and log in the same way you did in 2021.  Your new 2022 account should be linked to the correct account now.

When you first install the game, you get a dialog for linking your 2021 team:

Choose the same credentials as you used in 2021:

If you logged into 2021 using an Apple account, use the same account,
If you logged into 2021 using a Facebook account, use the same Facebook account.
If you logged into 2021 using your email and password account, use the same email and password.

Once linked, you'll eventually get to choose your keepers - after winning some games (reaching bronze level two.)

If you've already created and established a TSB 2022 team but have not linked your new team with 2021 yet, you can get to the above dialog box through the settings screen:

Open the Settings screen to find this:

There has been some confusion about The "Connect Your Account" screen and the 2021 linking process described above. They are not the same! If you are recovering a 2022 account (say, after a reinstall) using your 2020 credentials, it might not work:

The "Back Up Your Account" dialog is NOT where the game links to the old 2021 team!

You might be using the same credentials for the game as you did in 2021, but that does NOT link the two!

For information about recovering your new 2022 account, check out the FAQ called "Yikes! My team is gone!"