There are only two ways another person can gain access to a TSB account:

1. Someone has direct access to the device in which the account is loaded
2. Someone has the Apple ID/Google ID/Facebook login information of the account owner.

The security of the device and Apple ID/Google ID/Facebook login info is the sole responsibility of the account owner, and the owner is responsible for any activity that occurs on that account.

Anything that happens on the account is the account holder's responsibility. Glu has no way to determine who may be using the account. That means that any items, or wins lost are not eligible for reimbursement, per our Terms of Use.

If you find that your Apple ID/Google ID/Facebook has been compromised please contact their support to help regain security of your account. Please make note for future reference the following points:
  • Do not give out your Apple ID/Google ID/Facebook username or Game Center/Google Play/Facebook password.
  • Glu/EA Customer Experience will NEVER ask you for your password.
  • Update your password if you think someone else knows it. Use a combination of numbers and letters. The more characters in your password, the more secure it will be,