Daily Dingers is a new mode coming to MLB Tap Sports Baseball!

Here is a little bit of what you'll need to know about Daily Dingers!
  • It requires a ticket to start, and you will start with 5 free tickets. Once you are out of tickets, you can visit the Mystery Box shop and pick up a Daily Dinger Tickets box for $1 In Game Cash.
  • You can purchase the Daily Dinger Tickets box only ONCE A DAY for a shot at up to 3 Daily Dinger tickets.
  • 1 Ticket = 1 play. There is no limit on how many times you can attempt the daily dinger! As long as you have a ticket, you can play.
  • The ball must land in the color zone to get the prize. Multiple balls hit into the same zone will reward the prize multiple times. (Example: 2 balls hit into the blue zone will reward 200 gold if the blue prize is 100 gold)
  • You can purchase more tickets to play more rounds in the daily dinger tab. You can get there from Compete --> HR Battles --> Dinger
  • Dinger cones will not swap for the handedness of the batter like in target bash. The target configuration will switch daily.
  • SPOILER ALERT! The pitcher will only throw fastballs
  • Outs are calculated by any ball that is hit in fair territory - not in the cone! Players will not receive an out for a foul ball or for a strike (swinging or looking)
If you encounter an issue with your Daily Dingers that is not listed above, please contact support by opening a ticket in game and provide support with as much detail as possible.