Leveling your players and teams through the new progression system is the name of the game, and your Clubs are no exception.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021includes the ability to level up your Clubs to receive better rewards, including EVO! Now teams are encouraged to remain in their clubs in order to prove their loyalty!

Like players and teams, clubs start off at Bronze Level 1 and can be progressed 10 levels before moving up in tier. For example, Clubs are improved to Silver Level 1 after meeting the requirements to level up from Bronze Level 10. This same process applies when moving to up to the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond tiers.
Clubs are automatically leveled up when enough donations are made of each Club Token.
There are three kinds of Club Tokens in the game: Helmets, Balls, and Gloves.
When enough Helmets, Balls, and Gloves are donated, the club will level up. In addition, each donation of Club Tokens will result in compensation of Loyalty Points, which can be used to buy special Mystery Boxes called Club Loyalty Boxes.
Each Helmet donated earns 40 Loyalty Points.
Helmets are obtained by:
  • Purchasing gold in the game
  • Exchanging gold or cash for draft picks or multi-drafts from the Store

Each Ball donated earns 20 Loyalty Points.

Balls are obtained by:
  • Leveling up your own players on your roster
  • Exchanging gold or cash for upgrade levels from the Store
Each Glove donated earns 4 Loyalty Points.

Gloves are obtained by:
  • Finishing bonus games
  • Finishing prime event games
  • Finishing tournaments