In Home Run Battles, you'll use a new separate roster of twelve Sluggers to go head-to-head against an opponent, fighting to score the most points. Points are scored by hitting home runs, and the number of points received is equal to the distance the home run travels.
For example, if you hit a 450-foot home run, you will gain 450 points. Additionally, if you can string together a streak of home runs, you'll gain an additional bonus equal to the length of the streak. So if you hit two home runs in a row, you'll gain an additional 2 points. If you hit three home runs in a row you'll gain 3 points more than usual, and so on.

Players will have twelve pitches to hit as many home runs as they can. The last three pitches are special “Bonus Balls,” where the point total for home runs is increased. In the event of a tie, the player with the longest home run is declared the winner.

There will be two modes of play for “Home Run Battles," the Slugfest Tower Event where you go against the CPU to earn prizes and Multiplayer Head-To-Head battles where you can put some GOLD on the line! Check out our other FAQs for details on how these events work.
IMPORTANT: If a user disconnects during a game, it is counted as a loss! This includes the app closing when receiving a phone call, so play with no distractions!